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About Demolition


When it comes to Demolition Hard access is the key word.

We specialise in all hard access demolition from high rise office to refinery work. We can provide small to medium machines for any project and we have the ability to move any waste.

We have trained full time staff experienced in hard access demolition. 

All our projects are planned and executed with respect to the surrounding properties and people. We have maintained client relationships by providing consistent standards all the time.

Clean and gone can provide all access solutions, fall protection and protection works for any project. We can plan with you and your client for a safe efficient well-planned project.


Our capability in demolition consists of Excavators off all sizes, bobcats, floor lifting machinery, hook trucks, skips and large tippers. 

We specialise in hard access demolition working with engineers on propping and structural solutions. 

Our 80 trained staff can provide all types of demolition and have completed many Melbourne heritage listed projects that require care and planning.

Clean and Gone have completed demolition works in the petrochemical environment and we understand the importance of planning, safety, and asset protection.

Our Demolition Services

Structural Works

We have the machinery and demolition know how to provide safe structural demolition.

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Industrial Works

We have experience with demolition on large industrial sites.

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Hard Access Demolition

We can provide demolition for any hard to reach site that can't fit big machines.

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Access Solutions

We can provide fall protection and all types of access solutions so we can achieve anything for our clients.

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Our floor works team ensure that the floor gets the right level of attention in demolition with grinding.

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