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About Furniture Salvage


We have always been a sustainable company and have had a sustainable vision. We identified early that there are clients who want office strip out waste recycled or re-used. Sending bulk waste to landfill is no longer an option.

We can provide waste reports and regularly do.

We can manage your client’s furniture, loose items waste, strip out waste, and construction waste as one project. We can provide proof of amounts recycled and the amount sent to our furniture store in Sunshine West.

If your clients want to know what you are doing about waste diversion let us help you provide an answer.

Our Furniture Salvage

For 7 years we have been salvaging furniture from offices. 

Clean and Gone have now built a business that specialises in removal and resale of quality commercial office furniture. Through our skilled experienced teams, equipment, and vehicles we can remove all office furniture and workstations.

Sustainable Office Solutions now has 1400 metres of showroom and over 4000m2 of storage space.

We have now been providing quality used commercial furniture for clients like Carsales.com, Multiplex, John Holland, and Amazon just to name a few.

If your project contains any type of furniture let us work out a deal that means everyone wins and nothing goes to waste.

More About Our Commitment to Sustainability

Waste Reporting

If you need honest waste diversion reports, we can help, and we care about the environment not ticking boxes.

Learn More

Environmental Management

Our responsibility is to look after the planet and we can help if you need if you need a control plan for any environmental situation.

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