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Licences & ISO

For over 5 years, Clean and Gone have held our ISO for safety, environment, and quality but what does that mean?

To us, it means we are committed to constant improvement through test and measure, training, and systems - all the time.

We have invested time and money with our 5 years working with Compliance Lab on improving in all areas and monitoring safety. As an external party their audits and weekly contact directly with site holds all parties accountable for safety and improvement.

We have internal training for all new staff and monitoring of their progress and development under supervisors and managers with experience.

Our environment was a natural progression given our early commitment to sustainability and recycling, but the addition of our furniture division has taken on a life of its own and allowed us to deliver on contractual targets of waste diversion.

Our quality ISO is how we always get better, recognising positives and improving through OFI’s (Opportunities to Improve).

We are tracking progress and making changes all the time.

Repeat work is the by-product of constant effort and improvement.


  • Clean and Gone is licensed in demolition
  • We hold a class A and B asbestos licence 
  • We are licensed to transport hazardous waste with the EPA and can provide all documentation 
  • We hold a second-hand licence for our furniture division. 
  • We have held our ISO Best Practice certification for over 5 years and have past all our audits.

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