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Our History

Clean and Gone began as a sustainably minded strip-out and waste management company in 2008. We are licenced in Demolition and Asbestos and we are licenced to transport hazardous waste and can provide various options for waste reporting and waste certificates.

With our 90 experienced trained staff and our management team that have been together from the start, our business has grown through constant repeat work from satisfied clients.

We established our business in high rise hard access in the Melbourne CBD which has now been complimented with Sustainable Office Solutions furniture division which is in its 8th year adding to our ability to recycle and meet requested percentages of waste diverted from landfill.

Clean-Gone-Group-of-Companies-Corporate-Brochure.pdf Clean-Gone-Group-of-Companies-Corporate-Brochure.pdf (1MB)

The Next 10 Years

We have been involved in projects as far as Port Bonython in South Australia in Partnership with Wescott UK and Aries Australia our standard of service has earned us an ongoing contract.

We have now been in a joint Venture with Wescott UK for 2 years and this relationship has seen some of our management spending time in the North Sea offshore sector.

The future for the group is works that involve hard access demolition, asbestos removal, cladding and coatings.

We have now began our journey into the petrochemical sector with our new partners and are proud to keep up the same standard of service in the commercial high rise hard access that has made our name trusted by so many clients and buildings

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